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Sports Events Sports Events


  • Teams has to register to all events before hand
  • Only the MIDAS registered candidates will be allowed to participate in any sports events.
  • Individual
  • MIDAS ID Card is mandatory to submit in front of the desk before starting of your sports events
  • For all events, participants are expected to report 10 minutes before the event.
  • During any event, any inappropriate behaviour, profanity or indecent language will not be tolerated. Immediate and strict action will be taken against participants and/or the team.
  • All participants should be dressed appropriately.
  • Negative points will be given to batches that do not participate in any event.
  • If a participant gives a walk over for any game/event, said participant will not be allowed to participate in forthcoming games/events.
  • Any dispute among colleges is to be brought to the attention of coordinators immediately.
  • Judge/Referee’s decision in all events is final.
  • Event timing will be informed on the Sport’s day

NOTE: Any clarification/queries regarding the rules please contact the sports co-ordinators.


  • Team has to report 30 minutes before the start of the march past
  • Teams has to follow the dress code
  • Male Co ordinator to carry the College Flag and female co ordinator to carry the placard
  • March past carry points for the steady and rhythmic walk with uniformity.


  • 1 Team per College
  • Qualifying Matches will be 8 over match and it is a knock out matches
  • Semi finals and Finals will be 10 over match
  • Players to wear only white and white jersy with sports shoes
  • Only the Ball will be provided
  • Cricket Gear should be brought by the teams.


  • 1 Team per college
  • 6 players per team and 3 substitutes
  • Qualifying matches will be the best of 1 set and it is a knock out matches
  • Semifinals and finals will be best of 3 sets
  • All the players should serve
  • No need for rotation


  • 1 Team per batch
  • 5 players per team with 2 subs
  • Time: 10-5-10 till semifinals
  • Final: 4 quarters: 3 minutes each.


  • 1 Team per college
  • 7 Players per team
  • 2 Halves- 5 minutes each half
  • Knock out Matches


  • 1 Team per college
  • 9 players per team and 3 substitutes
  • Qualifying matches will be the best of 1 set and it is a knock out matches
  • Semifinals and finals will be best of 3 sets


  • 1 Team per college
  • 2 singles and one doubles


  • Only 2 Entries from each College
  • Knock out Matches


  • One team per college
  • Only doubles knock out carrom matches


  • 2 entries per event for a college
  • One should participate either in 3 track and 2 field /3 field and 2 track.
  • Shoe must be worn, spike shoes are encouraged, Barefoot strictly not allowed excluding relay
  • Warning will be given for the first false start, 2nd false start by the same athlete will
  • lead to disqualification
  • Any changes regarding any event should be informed priorly


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